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Packing your swim bag for Open Water swimming!  Season kicks off now...

Packing your swim bag for Open Water swimming! Season kicks off now...

With the season kicking off, now is the time to ensure you are getting in some swim fitness in the pool (a squad is a great option for that if there is one near you), or alternatively – check out some of the free online training programmes - two or three times a week for at least 45 minutes is a great place to start.

Next test out your gear – find a mate (we recommend to never swim alone) and just test the water…Head to your local beach, pull on the wetsuit and get in and get comfortable with the water.  It’s a good chance to make sure your gear is in good nick

  • Does your swim specific wetsuit need repairing or replacing? (or do you need to acquire one – if you’re not sure why a swim specific suit – then check this link)
  • Are your goggles in good condition (it’s always a good time to replace these at the start of the season – try our new element goggles, specifically designed for ocean swimming with cushioning and visibility but with pool goggle fit – and available in a mirrored finish for super sunny evenings).
  • Do you have plenty of Suit juice lube to prevent chafing and make getting in and out of your wetsuit easy? (Make sure yours is silicone free and looks after the ocean as well as you and your suit)
  • Do you have some beach socks to help with sliding your legs and arms in and out of your wetsuit (we are advocating this over plastic bags – after all we care about our environment and looking for sustainable alternatives – and this works just as well!)
  • Have you packed a towel or swim parka in your gear bag for afterwards?

And if all this is a little overwhelming or you need some mates or motivation (or both), look for a local open water swim squad or group - maybe find a local open water race and see if they offer clinics…plenty of swimmers will share there great tips and guidance – and get you set for the Summer of swimming.