The 7th incarnation of the new HELIX is simply our finest suit ever.
There is a reason this suit keeps coming back..

We add only what helps you become faster, reading below you will see we go over every inch of our suits to give you a magnificent swim.

Built using all new LIFT technology this suit puts any swimmer in an efficient downhill swimming position. In addition to this cutting edge technology,

the thick 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome core structure, gender specific side panels, proprietary TST panels, quick exit legs and the iconic reverse zipper

work together to create the most flexible and comfortable suit possible. Athletes will be blown away by the natural swim rotation, balanced body

position, and insane upper body flex. A true second skin and lightning fast through T1.


The HELIX is built on a 5-5-4 pattern, centralizing core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the body. The chest and torso

panels utilize super buoyant 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome to keep the hips high and promote an efficient downhill swimming position.

The 5mm Chest, 5mm Hips and 4mm loser leg is actually vital for fast swimming. Many brands miss the boat and put more bouncy in the lower leg relisting when you add too much

buoyancy to some areas it takes the body out of a hydrodynamic position. Its basic physics, add buoyancy to the hips and the knee will lock out and lift with the hips and upper legs bringing your legs inline and behind the body, hiding you legs so to speak. When you add the same or more buoyancy in the lower leg, this naturally bends the knee and disconnects your core, taking all power away from your stroke and creating the added resistance of the legs dis-aligning outside of the body line and creating more drag.


The redesigned split chest construction naturally and anatomically accentuates the lungs, producing the optimal amount of buoyancy while maximizing

stretch during respiration. This feels like you are not wearing a wetsuit the breathability is so good, if you can breath, you can relax and focus on your swim.

That's how you will swim faster.


Ultra light catch panels made with the same hydrophobic textile fabric used in our swimskins. These are the pink or orange minimalistic forearm

panels on the forarm that increase awareness of arm position in the water, encouraging better technique and more power cause you can tell if you are catching

the water due to the sensitivity it give you.



Premium Yamamoto 40 cell arm and arm gussets provide the flexibility and comfort of a second skin with the speed and propulsion of a full suit.



The new HELIX benefits from extra lift at the back legs from ultra buoyant NBR foam sandwiched between premium

Yamamoto rubber and jersey liner. This panel technology allows us to strategically place high buoyancy sections

at the back legs, lifting the suit up in the water while aiding in the rotation of the body. Most wetsuits dont help with ration and

actually hinder your natural swim, these LIFT panels keep your back end high and while you roll on your side they push

you over with the added buoyancy to your other side giving you monition and a clean national rotation in the stroke unlike any

other suit on the market right now.


Friction free neck design with lower profile and more sighting freedom than any other suit. If you can remember when you zip up a

normal wetsuit from the bottom to the top you will feel the pressure adding as its zip to the top, this pressure keeps pressing even while you swim.

This can create more fiction, when you zip from top to the bottom with our reverse zipper it connect and takes the pressure away

when you zip it down. Some people say they like a normal zip as they can do it up them selves, but there always someone on the beach

so we callit a conversation starter, just ask a person to help you.


The distinct blue panels of the HELIX have been a standout feature since the first model was released in 2006.

For 2018 we further advanced this technology by pairing the premium Yamamoto 40 cell blown blue rubber with ultrastretch

jersey to provide amazing arm and shoulder mobility. Highly flexible 100% nylon ultra-stretch jersey is lighter and features a

35% improvement in elongation compared to the previous jersey. This is a massive breakthrough! Combined with the extra large V02 Panel gives the feeling of not wearing a wetsuit.


Body mapped, gender specific 3mm Fit Panels contoured for an improved fit on land adding with the LIFT Panels in your rotation in the water.

The 3mm in important, it allowed the suit to fit snug on the body while being ting enough to move with the body and hug it.

The fit of your wetsuit if one of the most vital areas to get right when trying on the suit and blueseventy is known for having the best sizing chart so you get a firm, tight fit that is comfortable. If you suit is too big or does not fit you correctly that's when you will take in excess water and you dont want to carry that. 1mm of water over the entire body can add up to over 1kg of extra water you need to pull in your swim. imagine caring that you even more, you must get your fit of you wetsuit correct.