What makes the neroFit the right 'FIT' for you!


Compression Level: Light

Performance level: Competition

Initial Suit-up Time: 15 minutes

Bright bold colours

Large size range


Size does matter

Epessally with getting the right fit. The right fit will fit you better and will ultamatlly allow you to race race faster. Starting from year six and going up to masters swimmers blueseventy bost the largest size range to fit more swimmers.


Great fit

Blueseventys nerofit built with 80% polyamide and 20% elastane fabric that huges the body's curves withs is comfortable, light weight and hydrophoic fabics, giving you a amazing racing fit. Thats why we called it, the neroFIT.





FINA approved

Water repellent, chlorine resistant and quick drying

Offers compression to reduce muscle oscillation and skin vibration

Exclusive ultra-lightweight low drag NeroFit fabric

Large range of sizes

Silicone grippers


Click here for a downloadable PDF explaining fit and care.


View size chart here


Takes way less time to slip in and out of the suit.

One of the most infuriating things about these suits is that they can take a long time to wrestle in and out of. With some of the higher end models easily taking 15-30 minutes to put on, it’s refreshing to see a tech suit that takes 4-8 minutes to wear. For your swimmers who are perpetually late to get behind the blocks, this is a critical feature

Help with the family budge

With the cost so swim racing suits sky rocketing it is good to know blueseventy is looking out for you with a price pointed option that had boned seams to give the look and feel of a high end racing suit but a half and even a third of the cost of other higher end suits.