Our range of specific features included in our women’s wetsuits; suits that give women of all shapes, sizes and skill levels what they want most in the water.

Our original femmefit designs debuted over 10 years ago as a result of extensive testing, feedback and conversations with our female customers. 

Over time, our femmefit designs have become the wet-suit of choice for women open water swimmers around the world. Not content with this; we knew we could make them even better. We researched the unique characteristics of how women swim and examined their anatomical differences/characteristics. We noted shorter torso lengths, smaller muscle mass, higher swim cadences, and narrower waists paired with wider hips. As a result, we have refined and further developed our suits, and now all our new femmefit suits feature:

  • Lowered neckline for better fit and comfort (and less risk of chafing)
  • Extended zipper length to accommodate wider hips making it easier to get in and out of your suit
  • Slimmer cut, 1.5 mm thick flexible arms to allow for higher stroke cadence
  • Narrowed neck, wrists and ankles for a customized fit in critical areas
  • Refined shaping in the bust and torso to fit the female form
  • Seven size variations ranging from XS to XLA

This all adds up to a wet-suit with superior fit, leading to better performances and open water experiences. We always continue to seek, learn and develop; creating products based on feedback ranging from Ironman® winners to everyday ocean swimmers.

Do share your wet-suit swim experiences with us! 

Please feel free to email us at info@blueseventy.com.au with any questions or feedback. We're listening.